Useful tips

1. Motorcycle Gear

Minimum requirement is a motorcycle helmet. We also recommend to take with you a jacket, raincoat, and gloves. You never know what awaits you the very next minute. In the mountains, the temperature drops sharply. Moreover, in the north there is always a good chance of rain, while in the south the sun will shine.

2. Medical insurance

Local hospitals equipped with modern facilities and staffed with highly qualified doctors. Do not forget to buy your travel medical insurance. Always make sure that riding a motorcycle is included in the insurance policy!

3. At your leisure time

On the Canary Islands you can do everything: diving, kite surfing, karting, golfing and renting a buggy or yacht and many more.

Tenerife Moto Rent

Bikers and motorcyclist fans are a breed apart. They are real adventurers always ready for new surprising discoveries and experiences and will never trade their acute sense of freedom for anything else.

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We invite you to get the most vivid road experience by visiting the islands of the Canary archipelago.

Today motorcycle tourism is becoming an increasingly popular form of active recreation. You can choose any route, explore the world and remain completely free from any and all sorts of motorist constraints encountered on your way.

Motorcycle tourism is a completely different beast than traveling by car. It is an indescribable feeling of the movement, speed and power of your two-wheeled friend that you can feel with literally every cell of your body. The degree of immersion into the environment is nonpareil.

Biker blends with the nature, cuts through the air swiftly moving toward new experiences. Biking is all about that adrenaline, strength, and expression of your free spirit. It is indeed the dream of many. Anything is in the hands of travelers that choose the time and the route for their motorcycle adventures. Our clients come on a bike tour for a weekend, vacation, school break or holidays.

Traveling by motorcycle brings untold pleasure from the road. Riding the bike itself is a complete and wholly way to relax and escape from the bustle of everyday city life to reconnect with oneself and nature. Also, by stopping in different, extraordinary places and getting to know all the various attractions and unique nature of the area motorcycle tour in the Canary Islands transforms into an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

About the Canary Islands and Tenerife

  1. Tenerife is the largest and most visited by tourists island of the Canary archipelago. There are seven large inhabited islands and six very small rocks sticking out from the ocean. Besides the fact that Canary Islands are in the Atlantic Ocean and located closer to Africa than to Europe, it is an autonomous region of Spain and therefore part of the euro zone.
  2. Canary Islands (Canarian Islands) in translation means "Islands of Dogs". It is coming from the Latin word “canis”. Tenerife island had several different names. According to the most popular theory, the modern name of the Tenerife island comes from two words «tene» (mountain) and «ife» (white), then Spanish combined those two words and added, "r" between them what, as a result, gave the familiar name "Tenerife". However, Tenerife is also known as the "Island of Eternal Spring» (Isla de la Eterna Primavera). One more name on this island that had been known from the maps from XIV-XV centuries was «Isla del Infierno», literally translated as "Hellbound Island”. Surprisingly that one island has so many names.
  3. Migrating capitals - The autonomous Canary Islands have two official capitals: Santa Cruz (Tenerife) and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). Parliament always locates in Santa Cruz, and the government moves every year between two capitals. It is a normal situation when the Prime Minister's office is on one island and vice chairperson on the other. Also, the Ministry migrate between the four towns (4 islands). This is done for the even development of the islands and reduction of corruption.
  4. Pretty often guides and guidebooks get confused and say Teide (3.718 m) is the third highest island volcano in the world after the two in Hawaii. That is not exactly right, in addition to these two Hawaiian peaks there are three more mountains that are taller that Teide. These are Mount Jaya (5029 m.) in New Guinea, Mount Cook (3.754 m.) in New Zealand, Mount Fuji in Japan (3,776 m). However, regarding its volume, Teidy is the third largest island volcano as it’s base is located deep in the Atlantic basin, and its height measuring from the bottom of the ocean is ~7,500m. Moreover, Teide is the most highest point of Spain and the highest point in the Atlantic.
  5. Eruptions and seismic activity. Teide is not a dormant volcano it's just sleeping while considered “active”. The last eruption was in 1909. In general, Teide and the neighboring island's volcanoes form a zone of seismic activity. Every day in this region earthquake shocks are recorded, but they are usually weak and not noticeable. Tourists are not in danger. These fluctuations are monitored, and citizens can be informed in advance.
  6. Garachico. Residents of Tenerife have the analog of the saying about "the shell in a funnel." The lava wiped lovely rich port city of Garachico in 1706. But right at the boiling lava residents have built a new city even it is not as impressive as it was before. Now the emblem of Garachico has side by side erupting the volcano, anchor, cone, and the shell.
  7. The territory of Tenerife is not that big, however, on this small piece of land there are various climatic zones. In one day, you can swim in the ocean and enjoy the sun on the south coast, catch the snow at the top of the Teide, get under the torrential downpour in La Laguna, and freeze because of the gusts of the wind in the north. Despite the fact that Tenerife is geographically located at the north of the Sahara, there is no sweltering heat and the temperature during the entire year is approximately the same.
  8. Take a look into the crater of the volcano. You can reach a height of about 2150 meters by motorcycle or a car, and next 1,400 meters can be overcome by funicular (the final station is at 3555 meters). The last 163 meters and a crater are a restricted area. To obtain a permit, you will need to register in advance on the official website and to request the access confirmation. Pieces of volcanic rock can not be taken home as a souvenir, you can get a serious penalty.
  9. Some of the surfaces of the volcano look like a lunar landscape. The guides are very fond of telling that "Star Wars" was filmed here but do not believe them. Only three major films were filmed there. In particular "One Million Years BC", "Clash of the Titans" in 2009 and "Fast and Furious 6" 2012.
  10. Mystical Guanche. There are more questions than answers about the indigenous population - Guanches. The chronicles of the Spanish conquerors describe them as a very tall, strong, blue-eyed, red-haired and white-skinned people. How and when they appeared on the island is not known. Anthropologists link them with the inhabitants of North Africa (light skin and eyes do not fit into this theory). But how they could get to the island (115km) in difficult weather conditions with restless streams? Originally Guanches were never known as boat builders. Instead, they preferred to live in the higher mountains and stay away from the big water. Unfortunately, language and culture of the Guanche was lost. Appearance and very mysterious origin Guanche exploit supporters version that Canary are islands of the lost Atlantis.
  11. The flora and fauna of the island have never been exposed to climatic disasters and are far enough away from the mainland, so that they have developed in complete isolation. Therefore, a lot of plants here are not found anywhere else or are found in modified form. In the northeast of the island, there are relict forests, and throughout there are you can find 3-meter giant ferns and dandelion. In the contrast, the flora is not as rich here. All smaller animals were brought here not so long ago. Also, poisonous insects and snakes are not found here.
  12. Canary Pine is a unique plant and caused the creation of a national park around Mount Teide. The crown of Canary pines forest is growing on the rocks around the perimeter of the volcano. This plant is endemic and occurs nowhere else in the world. The uniqueness of these pines is that they do not need fresh water from the soil. In Tenerife, there are no underground water sources at all. These “smart” pines can get the moisture out of the clouds and air. Especially taking into consideration that, the whole island is surrounded by a layer of clouds and the Canary pine tree growing at its level. Also, it is resistant to fire, the trunk of the pine tree practically does not burn and after such disasters trees recovers quickly.
  13. Siam Park. A great water park in the south of Tenerife in Costa Adeje. Siam Park was repeatedly awarded as the best water park in the world. Recommended for adults and children. Siam Park has slides for all tastes, and there is also everything for a relaxing time next to the water.
  14. Loro Park. This wonderful zoo-reserve is located in the north of the island of Puerto Cruz. It has the largest collection of parrots in the world. The number of birds in the park is around 4000, and about 1500 chicks hatch every year. All known species from all continents are presented here.
  15. Thanks to the good visibility, due to it’s position above the cloud cover altitudes near the summit of the volcano, one of the largest observatories in the world was built there. There is a chain of mountains on the moon named 'Tenerife' because it was first observed by astronomer located in the observatory.
  16. The proximity of Africa. There are pleasant surprises such as yellowing beaches. It is believed that the black volcanic rock over time mixed with grains of sand brought from the Sahara thus some of the beaches in the south are lighter. But there are some other surprises brought from Africa, for instance, Kalima! During sandstorms in Africa, the wind brings dust, sand, and hot air. It is impossible to predict, but fortunately, there are only a few days a year, and it ends quickly.
  17. The island has a variety of beaches some of them certainly will surprise you! Las Teresitas is a beautiful beach, and it is in all the photos and postcards: white sand, calm sea, and palm trees. The sand on this beach was brought from the Sahara (320 this. Tons), and it took about two years to do that. Playa Arena is a small beach near Los Gigantes with the black sand. It is considered to be rich in minerals and healing. La Tejita is a nudist beach. The small private bay that you will have to look for to find. Playa de Leocadio Machado is the best place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Playa de las hippies are the beach where hippies live apart in caves and built huts.
  18. The famous dragon tree (Dracaena Draco). This tree is located in the village called ‘Icod de Los Vinos’. Locals believe that it is thousands of years old. There a legend about it. Its essence is that the tree used to be a bloodthirsty dragon and required scarification of young women every year. Then a brave warrior killed the dragon to save his beloved and one tree has grown in the spot where the dragon fell and dragon blood flows in the roots of the tree. In fact, the dragon tree’ juice is the red color, like blood, and the age of this legendary tree is 700 years according to the scientists.
  19. The labyrinth of underground passages below Icod de Los Vinos forms one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. The underground complex Cueva del Viento (Cueva del Viento) is Europe's largest volcanic cave. The total length of approximately is 17km of labyrinths. The cave is still under investigation as not all branches so far have been studied. Only the small part is open for tourism.
  20. In the 16th century, the Canary Islands have been flooding with the pirates more than the Caribbean Sea. The heyday of smugglers and pirates coincided with the discovery of America. All trade route from America to Europe passed through Tenerife, which created ideal conditions for pirates. However, not all of them were criminals. The most famous had aristocratic origins and were in the service of the Queen of England (John Hawkins, Francis Drake). If you want to experience more of pirate romanticism, then you need to visit the gorge Mask and the eponymous village. More recently this gorge was cut from the backbone of the island and had no land communication. Also Gorge conveniently hidden and not visible from the water or the land and laid on the trade routes. It was the perfect place for pirates and smugglers. According to legend, hidden treasure chests is still somewhere in the gorge.
  21. There are a lot of witnesses of UFOs in Tenerife. It is believed that one reason for this is a strong magnetic field emanating from the Teide. The main observation of a UFO was in Tenerife on June 22, 1976. It lasted more than 40 minutes and was also observed in La Palma, La Gomera, Gran Canaria and a few ships at the sea. Several hundred people including soldiers testified that they saw a strange glowing object and coming from a bright yellow ray that did not move at first and then began turning around. This incident caused such resonance that the Spanish Air Force conducted a serious investigation. They reviewed all versions: aircraft, missile testing, the meteorological balloon (conventional explanation of UFOs), natural atmospheric phenomena, and meteors. But none of the versions explained what people saw. The conclusion was made that the observed object was "unidentified", and the incident was "not explained." - conventional explanation of UFOs), natural atmospheric phenomena, and meteors.